Double Lazy T Classic Freezer Beef

Double Lazy T Classic freezer beef offers the consumer an alternative to ordinary beef.

Double Lazy T (DLT) ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch. Our beef is fed on our own ranch; therefore, we control the product from beginning to end ensuring a natural, wholesome and nutritious product. Because of the carcass size, DLT Classic beef produces a smaller but high-quality cut of meat for today's eating habits. Double Lazy T classic beef is customized to best fit your needs and freezer space. You can have your beef cut and packaged to fit your family's lifestyle.

We treat all the cattle at the Double Lazy T with respect, and provide them with the best of care, while providing a stress-free and uncrowded environment. We don't believe in using drugs to make cattle grow faster. We think that it is unnecessary and potentially harmful to give drugs to healthy animals. We prefer them to be raised the "old-fashioned," natural way. Beef that is naturally raised and aged longer, produces beef of fine quality and tenderness normally only available in rancher's homes, or at fine restaurants.

At the Double Lazy T, we require that all cattle in the DLT Classic Beef Program be raised without added hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. If any of our animals have to receive any drugs due to illness, they are removed from the program. Going to such extremes to ensure the wholesomeness of our beef requires true dedication to quality and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

We feed a balanced ration of quality feed grains, hay, vitamins and minerals. Our beef is raised on grass and hay until the final 100 days before slaughter, when we feed our beef grain and hay to finish them out. Corn, produced locally here in the great state of Kansas, serves as the basis for our feed ration. Producing natural beef takes a little longer and requires a little more work, but we think it's worth it. This extra effort enables us to provide our customers with a product that is not only natural, but surpasses government standards for natural beef.

Don't settle for ordinary…
...make your next choice DLT Classic Beef.










Each order is individually processed to meet the customer's very own specifications. DLT Classic Beef is available for home use by the side, quarter or whole beef. Our professional custom processors (USDA Approved) can cut your order to meet your specific needs. Call us today to reserve your beef, or to purchase an animal and raise your own.


DLT Classic Beef Advantages:

  • Fresh from our ranch to your freezer
  • More rib eye area per 100 lb. of carcass weight
  • Satisfying nutrition and taste
  • Smaller but high-quality cuts of meat for today's eating habits
  • Higher percentage of marbling
  • Raised and grain fed without antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Ideal carcass size for home freezer
  • Cut and packaged to your specifications
  • A consistent, uniform product that consumers are able to purchase with confidence

We use a program where you buy the live animal from the Double Lazy T Ranch and pay our custom processor to slaughter and package it in your name. You will receive two bills. One bill from the Double Lazy T for the on-the-hoof or "live" weight price. The second bill will be from our custom processor for slaughter, dressing, cutting and packaging.  Or you may choose to use your own custom processor and you will recieve a bill for the "live" weight price of the steer from the DLT Ranch.

Live weight prices vary according to the price of cattle on the day of your order. Contact Us for specific quotes and availability.